Our Solutions

Wet Basement Solutions provides Central New York homeowners with positive solutions to problems that include wet basements or crawl spaces, split or broken foundations, and mold issues, as well as providing a wide range of home renovation services.

We are a local, family owned, waterproofing company proudly serving our neighbors in the CNY area, and we are here to help you eliminate your leaky basement, mold, foul smell, buckling walls, crawl space moisture and more. We do this with quality products so that you can permanently eliminate your basement problems.

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Foundation Repair

Uneven floors, cracks in your walls, sticking windows and doors, bowing or leaning walls or tilting chimneys can all be signs of foundation problems. We will help you identify the right solution to repair your foundation issues within your budget.

Our experts will inspect your home, and determine which solution may be right for you, such as Carbon Fiber Straps, Wall Anchor System, or the Gorilla System. Whether your foundation is poured concrete, block or stone, our skilled workers are familiar with the system. We will ensure that your foundation repair is structurally sound, water tight and, if visible, we'll make sure that it doesn't turn into an eyesore as well.

Basement Waterproofing

Beyond the most obvious signs of visible water, mold and mildew or even damp, musty odors may indicate basement or crawl space water issues. Our inspectors will help evaluate your issues and clearly explain them to you as we offer you an affordable solution to the problem at hand.

We have provided positive solutions to every situation that you can think of, on foundations ranging from poured concrete, to block to stone. Our experts will diagnose your problem to determine where your water problem is originating from, and provide you with a detailed description of your solution, and a free estimate of associated costs.

You can't afford delay when it comes to water infiltrating your home. The water damages your home further over time, leading to costlier and costlier repairs. In addition, you run the risk of mold and air quality issues.

Commercial Solutions

In addition to our waterproofing expertise, we offer a wide range of residential and commercial construction services. Often times when we receive a call regarding water in the basement or crawl space, there is already damage to the building. For any apartment buildings this is a understandably a nightmare, but you can rest assured. We have the skilled craftsmen needed to repair any issue that may arise. We employ only very high-skilled craftsmen and use first-class subcontractors and building materials, while at the same time controlling and managing costs to deliver maximum value to our customers. To ensure that we hold onto our talented and well trained employees, during the slow winter season when not many people are seeing water issues, we often enter into complete commercial remodel jobs.