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4 Reasons to Waterproof Your Basement

Is your basement wet and damp? Is it growing fungi? According to the Washington State Department of Health, there are over 100,000 species of fungi. Many of these types of fungi can grow on your basement walls if it harbors a cool, damp environment. If this is a problem in your home, you’ll definitely want to get it checked out. Let’s look at the top reasons to contact a basement drainage system service today.

1. Avoid Structural Damage

The number one reason to waterproof your basement is to prevent damage. Excess moisture can cause the foundation to crack. If you ignore the signs, the damage can get even worse and sometimes results in buckling walls and other moisture-related damage. This not only puts your safety at risk, but it can also lower the value of your home. A basement drainage system company can help prevent damage and protect your home.

2. Prevent Mold

Another potential problem caused by a wet basement is mold. If you’ve ever noticed an unpleasant smell in your basement, the mold may already be there. If you don’t address it quickly, it can spread to other parts of the house and may even make you sick. If you store things in the basement, mold can even get on and even destroy your possessions. To avoid unpleasant smells and illness, work with a basement waterproofing service before it’s too late.

3. Lower Your Energy Bills

If you have an air conditioning unit or HVAC system in your home, you should consider basement waterproofing. A wet basement is a humid basement. The humidity will force your HVAC unit to work overtime to account for the excess moisture in the air. This can lead to higher energy bills, as well as unnecessary strain on your heating and cooling system. To prevent unexpected HVAC maintenance or repair, waterproof your basement as soon as possible.

4. Gain More Living Space

The most noticeable benefit of waterproofing your basement is the useable space you gain. Not only can you use the basement for storage, but with a truly dry space you can think about improving or even finishing your basement. Whether it’s a home office, personal gym, or home theater, you can use your basement without worry thanks to basement waterproofing.

With a clean, dry basement thanks to basement waterproofing from a basement drainage system service, you can be safe, save money, and get more enjoyment out of your home. Do you have more questions for basement drainage system professionals? Call the Wet Basement Solutions, LLC team today!