In 2018 I hired Wet Basement Solutions as I had flooding in my basement. I received a quote for the work and it being reasonably priced compared to other quotes I had received, I hired them to do the work. Unfortunately it was not a great experience, the worker who came to do the work was extremely unprofessional and as I would come to find out later did not do the work properly. The basement continued to get water in it and because of my original experience I was hesitant to give them a call back. Recently it got to a point where it needed to be addressed so reluctantly I gave them a call, as the work I had done had a warranty on it. I explained the entire situation to Dan (the owner) and he was quick to apologize and send someone over to look at the basement. He came up with a plan to not only re do the original work but also correct other issues that had not been part of the work they had done originally all under my warranty to make things right. The team worked from Thursday through the weekend to finish the job. The team was professional, friendly and worked clean. I will be recommending them to anyone who needs basement work done. I am for once excited for it to rain!

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