Matt M

I am writing this review not because I used Wet Basement solutions for work but because Chris was so honest I didn’t need to use them. I discovered a water issue in the finished part of my basement. I called 2 companies to come take a look at the situation and give me their recommendation to fix. 1 company told me I needed $5500 in drainage work and a 2nd sump pump installed. Chris from Wet Basement not knowing someone else had already looked at my situation, was in my basement for less than 10 minutes and looked at me and told me confidently I didn’t need his services. He explained to me what my issue was. Recommended I cut away some of the sheet rock to expose the area, take some pictures and send them to him. He offered to come back out if need be but once I got the sheet rock removed the issue was exactly as Chris had described. He too could have told me I needed thousands of dollars worth of drainage work. Chris also explained to me why I didn’t need a 2nd sump pump. It’s refreshing to know that there are good honest people out there. If you have any type of drainage issue or need any type of work that Wet Basement solution offers I would 100% give them a call and talk to Chris. He saved me thousands of dollars and now our basement is back to where we wanted it and knock on wood no more issues with water. I hope I don’t need to use them but if I ever do, Wet Basement Solutions will be my first call.

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